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Consultancy services

Douglas Brown PR

Building sucessful relationships with your stakeholders

Douglas Brown PR offers a range of public relations consultancy services for commercial and not for profit organisations at every stage of their comunications development.


Unlike traditional consultancies or agencies who have a vested interest in making clients dependent on them, seeking long term retention, Douglas Brown PR aims to develop the capacity of the client to communicate for themselves, thus freeing them of on-going commitments.



Organisations with full time PR support 


For those organisations that already have full time communications support Douglas Brown PR can offer additional specialist experience and knowledge to assist their in-house team or PR consultancy with their work, gearing up their output and capacity by involving other none PR professionals from their staff or volunteer base.


Douglas Brown PR is also be available to offer additional capacity to directly  supplement in house capability on specific projects or at times of high work volume.


Organisations with part time PR support


For organisations that rely on part time PR input from staff or volunteers, Douglas Brown PR can offer a service to professionalise their approach and ensure that the PR potential of the organisation is being realised. The service can include the development of systems and training of staff and or volunteers.


Douglas Brown PR can also offer direct input on specific projects or on issues such as crisis management.



Organisations new to PR


For  organisations currently undertaking no co-ordinated Public Relations activity, Douglas Brown PR can help develop a structure and processes commensurate with their size and resources to ensure they gain a voice.


This can include offering consultancy on developing a PR strategy as well as training for their staff and volunteers to deliver it. Direct PR advice and assistance can also be provided if required.


The type of activities Douglas delivers which help staff or volunteers learn to become empowered as ambassadors for their organisation include;


  • Developing their understanding of the role of PR for their organisation including the importance of corporate personality and message consistency and how they might contribute to the aims of the organisation  

  • Media liaison – acting as expert or spokespeople for their organisation and the development of reactive systems to ensure effective media liaison  

  •  Identification of PR opportunities which can be exploited

  • Acting as educational resources to take their organisation into the youth market

  • Acting as ambassadors through speaker panels  

  • Contributing to both internal and external publications for their organisation  

  • Organising outreach events for their organisation

  • Making use of web resources and contributing to them effectively



In addition Douglas Brown PR can provide consultancy on a range of communications issues, from auditing your effectiveness to helping you plan your crisis management systems.


Previous projects have included facilitating a team away day event for the communications team of a national social care charity, creating a film making competition to address stigma in mental health, developing a suite of materials to assist with the public consultation for an NHS Trust seeking Foundation Trust status and a corporate communications audit for a national professional body.    


Whatever your communication needs, Douglas Brown PR can help.